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  1. Show off your homemades!
    Here are my first attempts at airbows. I've never worked with pneumatics before, and I figured they'd blow up after a few shots hence the extreme apathy regarding aesthetics. Each has had well over 50 shots without issues sooooo who knows... I have an Umarex Airsaber, and, at equal PSI, they are...
  2. Das Deutsche Schleuderforum
    Hallo, vorhin ist in YouTube beim schauen von Videos über die FX Arrow Guns ein Video über die Umarex Airsaber vorgeschlagen worden, von welcher ich bis dato nie gehört habe. Das Pfeilgewehr liefert angeblich 450fps+ und kostet auf dem amerikanischen Markt lediglich 370$~320€. Es ist noch nicht...
  3. Laws and Regulations
    Hello, do you know if the shooters as the "Amazon Airbow" are legal in France, because it's so cool that I would love to build one too, but I don't want any trouble. I searched for laws about this type of shooter in french laws, but didn't find anything. Can you help me ? Thanks!
  4. Show off your homemades!
    I was VERY inspired by Joerg's Coke bottle arrow shooter/bull-pup rifle project. So I have embarked on a mission to recreate it and make my own version!! I have been doing wood working for a long time, so the weapon frame won't be an issue for me.. I actually look forward to that part of the...
1-4 of 4 Results