Tubes vs flatbands - The question asked a million times

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  1. BraveSirWobin

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    So my single 25-20 tapered TBG flatband broke the other day, and while making a new one i thougth of all the benefits tubes has over flatbands - cheaper, way easier to make, and should last longer.

    So ofcourse now i'm considering swithcing, and made a single 1842 tubeset. (Some cheap tubes from a chinese app)

    My initial thought are that the power doesn't really differ that much.
    What i mean is, what is the difference in speed and power? Anyone got some chrony comparison, or other general insigths

    Anyone got some good insight here? I kinda wanna figure out what i wanna shoot, so i can git gud with one thing.

    (Shooting 10 mm steel, approx 95 cm drawlength. bandlength is 15 cm for TBG, 15.5 for tube)

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  2. JimRhodo

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    I love tubes mainly because they last forever. Less likely to tear on zips etc. If you use looped tubes they can be changed in seconds. They are relatively quiet and band slaps are nonexistent if you use dankung style prongs. They don’t flap in the wind.

    Drawbacks? Draw weight to speed and power ratio is high.
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  3. Covert5

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    I just went from bands to tubes and I love tubes. I agree with Jim on everything. I shoot single 1842 and the power is good, but if you go looped the power is awesome and you should not have a problem going through a soup can.
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