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Discussion in 'New project ideas' started by Belargo, Aug 5, 2017.

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    Hi guys,

    From time to time there were discussions here about burning/flammable/incendiary ammo.
    While there clearly are safety issues to observe, shooting something flammable does sound cool.

    But, safety first, in the form of the MythBusters mantra:

    Don't do this at home.

    With that out of the way, in a recent thread the discussion touched upon ferrocerium as ammo that ignites on impact. I just stumbled upon this video where lighter flints (which consist of said alloy) are used as shotgun ammo. The results are quite promising.


    No idea if this works with a slingshot though. Lose flints aren't a good option, but pieces from a thicker firesteel might do the trick.
  2. What a coincidence. I just received a package of ferro rods that I had ordered recently from I was originally wanting to try some of the smaller rods for edc keychain but for the price I just bought a bunch to sample. Already own the gobspark and a mag bar from them (great products I can post a review with pics in anyone's interested in that sort of thing).

    View attachment 37537

    No I'm not destroying my new firesteel for ammo, (sorry to disappoint you guys) however I will give y'all an idea for something much cooler/more dangerous; flaming tennis balls. Nothing quite like hurling balls of fire 15 ft in the air.

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    The flint alone is not spektacular enough, as the video clearly demonstrated.
    So you need the flints to ignite a second reaction.
    For the use with slingshots, you will need a mould and fill it with flints and something that burns... maybe something like the pearls of blackpowder in an newyears eve rocket...:D
    But mixing the igniter with the payload is ... risky business:D
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  4. If I'm understanding this right you're thinking molding a piece of ammo with lighter flints and something with a low ignition temperature? What could be used as a shell for it
  5. Knallfrosch

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    I had no shell in mind.
    The little blackpowder pearls in a newyears eve rocket are rolled
    in a cement-mixer-like drum and occasionally sprayed with (water?)
    that makes it clot together...
    the procedure would lead to a mixture of flint and black powder in
    a "solid" projectile that does not need a shell.

    On impact (hopefully) the projectile breaks open and occasionally a flint will hit the hard surface and produce a spark, while the breaking up blackpowder creates a cloud of ignitable powder...

    But the procedure of making these pearls is vulnerable
    to any spark even without the flint mixed into it...
    including the flint in this procedure would most likely end in desaster:D