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    Well thanks to my current medical condition I have to be careful with TBG on slingshots.

    A week ago Flipgun wrote that lighter bands can be fun too. I was so focused on power that only paid attention to TGB before his post. I decided to give it a shot and ordered latexband in four different strengh levels. I didn't go for theraband. I ordered these bands instead. They are cheaper and can't say anything negative about the quality so far. I don't have a crony and I only have TBG so I can't really compare this

    I had a session with my physiotherapist on tuesday and a talked with him about it. In his opinion I should give it a try. It actually can help me to improve my current situation as long as I take it easy on the draw weight.

    The bands arrived on thursday and I had 3 plywood and one natural fork ready for the bands and 4 different types of bands to choose from.


    The plywood ones are all based on bigdh2000's elvira template. The 2nd from the left is the unmodified elvira. I like that shape of the fork but I think that the handle is a little short.

    My first idea was a handle adapted to my left hand (1st from left). I does feel comfortable without rubber but I don't like to shoot it. The green bands on it are the weakest but still no. Discontinued. won't get new rubber and will be put in the hall of shame

    The second attempt is a longer and symetric handle (right one with red bands). This is my favorite one so far. I had bad luck with the positioning on the scrap piece of plywood. I got a bad spot that i had to fill up before sanding.

    I used a mixture of shellac and sawdust to do it
    20161019_102409.jpg ]

    It is still visible but much better after sanding

    Now I made a very similar one. The only difference is the diameter of the hole in the fork to get the forktips slightly wider. The template with all dimensions is on my one drive cloud as the pdf attachment was the reason for my trouble. I'll post it also as jpg in a reply to this post.

    I mixed a small amount of blie pigments in the linseed oil that I used after sanding with 240 grit. wiped off excess shortly after applying. Then sanded 400 grit manually and oiled again with plain linseed oil.
    Can't wait to shoot it but it is still to slippery for rubberbands. need to wait a couple of days

    The natural one needs a couple of days too as i dipped it in linseed oil. The bands were on it just for the pic

    When cutting the rubberbands I didn't pay any attention to it's strenth. They are all cut 190mm long and tapered from 25 to 15mm.

    The green ones are the weakest ones. they are pretty much maxed out with the 6mm PLA BBs. Even the slightliy heavier 4.5mm steel BBs from my airguns are unably to penetrate an empty beer ca. They also feel fragile to me though they didn't snap yet. However these are good to fix the rubber to the pouch.

    The blue one is already better with 4.5mm steel and can launch 10mm steel but they only travel like 5m. Honestly much better than expected but a little fragile.

    I didn't shoot the black ones yet as they slipped of the natty on first try but I'll do it soon

    The red ones are suppost to be about the same as Theraband black. The draw weight ist highest and it does give even the 6mm PLA BBs some power. I can't expect miracles from a 0.2 gramm plastic BB but some did tiny cracks in the beer can and shattered on impact with a wall. 4.5mm steel went straight through the poor can. I did most shots with these bands so far and they are still doing good. I didn't count but it should be around 150 to 200 shots.

    So much on the forks and rubber. now let me get to my shooting skills.

    I had a bad start on thursday. I was happy to hit the catchbox after all and there was absolutly no grouping at all.
    Completly disillusioned about my skills I went back to my laptop and found a long but very helpful tutorial from gamekeeper John.
    Found out that I made a couple of mistakes at once and was able to get a lot better on friday. Yesterday I switched to my regular targets for air rifle and pistol.

    I think this is OK for shooting indoor, about 5m distance and 6mm PLA BBs.

    The bullseye in the center is 10mm in diameter and the rings are 5mm apart. After Thursday I didn't expect this kind of result so soon on day three of practice shooting.

    For now I'll stick with this setup and hone my skills.
    More of the red rubberband is ordered as well as some purple rubber that is supposed to be as strong as TB silver. The red one works good for me. I can do a lot of shots with these and I hope for some more training effect from the purple stuff to get closer to TBG and 10mm BBs.
    I'll also order 7mm and 8mm steel next month. 6mm is a little small in the pouch and 4.5mm is way to small but this is beside 10mm steel everything I got.

    Flipgun was totally right. Even lighter bands can be plenty of fun. Thanks for that post. You did help me more than you might realise

    For some reason it did show the pics and template in the preview but it doesn't after prosting it. Same after first edit. Sorry for that. If anyone can help please do so

    Edit 2: learned from Austin that PDF attachments are only allowed in a few sections. reuploaded pics and set link to the PDF. Text that I changed is blue
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    It is always a pleasant surprise to find that you have managed to do some good.
    Happy Shootin'!

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    Now that I know that I can't attach PDFs here and got that top post sorted out I put the templates here.

    You can download this template as pdf from one drive (clickable link). just print it out 100% (no scaling) and it should be good.

    However if you prefer a pic out of this forum here you go
    all dimensions in mm. It should fit an A4 page without borders
    Sling 1_Page1.jpg
    Sling 1_Page2.jpg
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    I think it's time for an update

    I'm now fully infected with slingshot fever.
    Ordered more of the cheap rubber bands and some stronger stuff too. Put purple rubber bands on my blue staned ss.

    Ordered 2kg of 7mm hardened steel grinding balls as well as 1000 8.2mm steel balls. I like the grinding balls. Shooting them with the purple rubber bands against a rubble wall in the dark is almost like fireworks. Plenty of sparks :D

    On Sunday I went to a remote area in the woods and had a good time. Used an old blanked as backstop and catchbox an attached my air rifle targets with paper clips.


    I tried different anchor points for a longer draw and used tree ss that day. got all of them dialed in at the end of the day
    the outside ring on tha target is 11.3cm or 4-7/16 inch in diameter. took the first pic from shootig distance ~13m

    The only downside that day was my own stupidity. I took a vape of my dripping atomizer and didn't pay attention to the eliquid on my fingers. Well that stuff can be used for lubrication as well and I slipped of the pouch and landed a fork hit that barely missed my hand. That is something I won't do again

    Yesterday I started to experiment with pine tar and raw linseed oil as a base coat for a slingshot. Ended up with 8ml of tar mixed with 90ml of linseed oil. I like how it enhances the structure of the plywood.


    I'm plannig on a mix of 60% boiled linseed oil, 20% tung oil and 20% pine resin ester as finish. That mix is just my first guess as I've no experience with that pine resin ester. might be more or less at the end.
    I want to lock the tar in the wood as I don't want to have that stuff on my hands or enjoy that smoke smell of it everytime i shoot that slingshot.

    If the pine resin ester doesn't work I'll use shellac without the mirror polish. I don't have the patience to wait 2 month before I can shoot a ss.
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    Excellent. Welcome to the sickness.
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    I drew my third template today and got a cheap scroll saw. I just don't want to spend hours on a coping saw anymore.

    I cut that new template already out of 15mm birch multiplex. Didn't like the feeling in my hand. Now I've got some bone glue soaking in water to attach a piece of an ornamental apple tree branch as palm rest. That will make it a lot better. Used the new scroll saw to split in half. Pics will follow when I'm done.
    For now I upload the new template

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    With scroll saws its all about the blade. Try Flying Dutchman blades...#7 is the ideal.
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    Well Dan, you're right and I'll try to get flying dutchman sawblades. So far I use regular saw blades made by Proxxon. i have them in coarse (10TPI), medium (18TPI) and fine (25TPI). Didn't break a sawblade yet.

    Ok here is my finished ss with the wood tar and pine resin finsh

    I'm not happy with that design in my previos post. I'm not going to do anything about it before spring.

    But that scroll saw makes it easy to turn some scrap multiplex into a nice scrap Conus:D

    Laminated these pieces cut from scrap yesterday

    Started shaping in the morning but had to stop for some other buisiness that I had to attend.

    So I'll start shaping the Fork now and hopefully get done with it today
    I can tell already now that this is going to be a really nice one. Thanks to the master in Chile for sharing the template
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    Thanks Dan I had fun

    The scrap Conus is done and doesn't look like scrap anymore. It's scrap conus as it is made of scrap

    I don't think that this one needs groves for the bands as the fork is 2mm wider at the tip and the surface is smooth but not slippery. I'll try it carfully as usual


    The finish
    Sanded to 1000 grid with orbital sander
    oiled with tung oil
    waxed with a mix of 4 parts bees wax, 2 parts carnauba wax and one part of pine resin
    sanded with 2000 grid
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