Slingshot Clearance Sale? (if legally possible)

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    I need some advice when it comes to selling slingshots in the US.

    How do people sell these without getting in trouble? I know there are even lawyers specialised in slingshot injuries. I have my own label of slingshot but recently I feel its not worth the risk if anything would happen. So either I just pay amazon to destroy them or I find a way to sell these off without risking getting sued, is there any advice?

    If there is a way, i will pay for an vendor account and post it there for this forum. The bundle contains = 1 slingshot 1 extra slingshot band 100 steel balls and 1 leather slingshot bag. This package is fulfilled by amazon so free shipping on eligible orders. If anyone could help me I would be happy to sell these here and give you guys a discount and sell them off for 10 dollars. The handmade leather slingshot bag alone is worth 10 dollars so on top of that you get a good slingshot some slingshot balls and extra parts. Hope anyone can help and have a nice day everyone!


  2. I'm pretty sure slingshot are legal here in the USA. Even here in Commiefornia every big 5 and Walmart sells wrist rocket type slingshots. You shouldn't have any problems.

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    I have to say that it is nice looking for a Big Box shooter...but that is all that it is. Most people on the forums most likely would not be interested. But hey! I could be wrong.
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    I guess you need to distance yourself as the vendor from any malicious action, that the buyer takes with the slingshot.
    check out the legal statements of bill hayes website... he even recommends not using his slingshots, because it can be harmful...:)
    You should recommend all standard safety precautions for shooting slingshots.
    The usual don´t shoot at a person or animals, use safety glasses, regularly check bands/tubes for damage... and all that kind of stuff...
    buy a slingshot from a different brand and check their legal statement... that should give you the best clues.