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Discussion in 'Conventional slingshots' started by Gingerman, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Gingerman

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    This is how I have my ocularis currently set up. I say currently because I've tried several different layouts with it.

    The reason I'm trying so many, is that I'm not having much luck with any of them. I'm getting more for kids then I am actually shots.

    Looking at how I've got it setup for OTT, can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong?

    I am literally having four out of five shots before kits in any configuration with the slingshot.
  2. Diaboloslinger

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    The same exact slingshot caused me to put a hole in my drywall. I assume you are getting "fork hits" (your auto correct is sneaky).
    Check your draw in the mirror, and see what needs to be corrected. Or, turn/tweak the pouch...

  3. Jeremy

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    It probably has to do with your release/pouch hold. If you pull your pouch straight back without a twist, but have a tweak, that could very easily cause a fork hit. You may want to try twisting the pouch and see how that goes.

    What size ammo are you shooting?
  4. Gingerman

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    Thanks guys. I'm shooting a variety of stuff right now. The trust is being left out, I bet.
  5. bigdh2000

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    I have found that the ocularis options takes a while to get used to. The rounded top on the slingshot allows the bands to slip slightly off center of fork without knowing you have done so. You need to become set in your hold, pull angle and release. It might be easier to do this with flat top forks.
  6. esimondo

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    I also found it awkward to shoot
    Eventually setting the Bands up at 11 and 1 o clock was best for how I shoot. Fork hits were not an issue Just gaining accuracy took longer than normal.

    I built my own Prototype with flat sides so i could shoot TTF it shoots mint

    Keep persevering its a nice way to swap bands

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