Let me show you it's features! -Rambone 2.0 arrived

Discussion in 'Reviews about commercial slingshots' started by Luis_zeas, Dec 21, 2016.

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    Some days ago I ordered a rambone from Amazon.com, it was expected to arrive after December 29, and arrived last night, so to celebrate I uploaded some pictures. Yes, it came with clips but I used the rubber strips for a while because why not. It also comes whit a nice lanyard I'm not sure if it's paracord or something else, it fits really good in your hand its super comfortable and very accuracy, it's the most accurate slingshot that I've shot, it's a sniper compared to my other slingshots whit rubber squares, I think it's mostly because the squares are not a good choice at all, plus they tear really quickly(less than 70 shots) and are less powerful than tubes and flatbands, the power of the bands provided surprised me, the only possible ammo that I had abiable was some magnets that I bought as a souvenir from Orlando, so enjoy the pictures :)

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