Finger depression or finger swell?

Discussion in 'General Slingshot Discussions' started by Acorn_Man, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Acorn_Man

    Acorn_Man Member

    I'm just curious as to which you prefer. It seems to me that finger depressions are more common, but I can definitely see the merit sofa fringer swell (keeps you fingers from wanting to slide over each other I would guess). I suppose this is a bit more applicable for hammer grips. Idk, just curious. Thanks!
  2. Flipgun

    Flipgun Active Member

    Most of the time I like a swell on a medium to large frames. On some smaller frames, I like a pinkie hole or a blind pinkie hole.

  3. bigdh2000

    bigdh2000 Administrator

    I have used it all. In the end it becomes a matter of the shooter's preference.
  4. Sly

    Sly Village Idiot

    i agree, shooters pref. ive never been able too shot a frame with a swell (the scout doesnt count, it just has a fat handle lol). i do like correctly placed reliefs though. i dont use pinkie holes too often, as i have super giant hands, but on occasion they do come in handy/ fit the hand well on a ring finger. im considering building a lizard or opfs with a palm/ finger swell at some point after i finish these couple frames for a couple coworkers.
  5. JoergS

    JoergS Administrator

    I don't like finger support style slingshots at all. For me it is pistol grip all the way, except maybe for very small (micro) frames.