DIY sanding drum sleeves

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    I've finally burned through the last of the sleeves that came with my 1-1/2 inch sanding drum. So off I go to the home centre to try and get some new ones. I know they don't carry them in stock so I'll have to talk to the staff and get them to order me some. I toss a used one in my pocket to aid in the ordering process. Here's a rough transcript of the ensuing dialog:

    Me: I'd like to order some of these, please. *hands over old sleeve*
    Store Staff: *takes sleeve and examines it* What's this?
    M: It's for my drill press.
    S: *blink, blink* Eh?
    M: Yeah, goes around a rubber drum, and the drum goes in the chuck of the press.
    S: *blink, blink* ...
    M: *sigh* Yeah, and you sand stuff, you know, like this... *resorts to body language*
    S: Oh, sand paper? *tries to switch to English* Sando paypa?
    M: Yes, yes! That's right.
    S: ... ... ...
    M: Erm. Ok. Hold on a second. *runs to the Dremmel section, grabs a pack of small 1/2 inch sanding drums and sleeves made for a small rotary tool, returns to the service desk* Like these, only bigger.
    S: Oh, I see. Umm, who's the maker?
    M: Don't know. But doesn't matter. Just need 1.5 inch ones.
    S: Ahhh, inch? It's from overseas? .... Mmmmmm.... Inch.... Inch....
    M: Well I could probably make 4 cm sleeves work if you don't have them in inches. My drum expands a fair bit when you tighten the screw so 4cm should be ok.
    S: I don't know. That might be dangerous. What's the maker again?
    M: I don't know. It doesn't matter. I just want something like this.
    S: ... ...
    M: Ok. Look, try this maker. *holds up pack of Dremmel drum sleeves*
    S: Ok. We'll call and see if they make them. *starts filling out forms and taking my information*
    M: Ok. I'd like a few, please.
    S: The guy in charge won't be in until 1 o'clock. Do you want to wait or should we call you?
    M: I'll wait. I'll be wandering around in the sand paper section.
    S: Ok. We'll page you.

    By now I know that my quest is futile, so I begin gathering supplies for making my own sleeves. They page me and I spend another five minutes explaining everything a second time to the guy who came in at 1 o'clock.

    S: Can you wait while I call them?
    M: Sure. I'll be in the sand paper section.

    10 minutes later guy comes running back.

    S: Sorry, they don't make them.
    M: Ok. Thanks. *thinks but doesn't say, "And they're the only maker of this kind of thing in the country, right? Whatever. I'm outa here"*

    Already had my basket full of what I needed to make my own so went off to the checkout with no hard feelings. I'm used to it by now.

    Turned out to be a really easy build once I found out that the inside of a toilet paper roll cardboard tube is exactly the perfect size for a 1.5 inch drum. Some cloth-backed sandpaper off a roll, some Titebond II, and a buttload of paper clips... and presto!

    ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1456557558.736489.jpg

    ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1456557580.206464.jpg

    ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1456557596.289590.jpg

    Completed one whole project with it already and it seems to be holding up amazingly well.

    ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1456557701.886070.jpg

    Will make more and keep you posted. Just gotta remind my family not to chuck the TP tubes when the roll is finished.
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    Yep, sounds about right. Now make twenty. :D

    Harbor Freight Tools sells those entire kits but not the replacement sleeves by themselves. It's crazy.
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    Necessity is the mother of invention...Well done!
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    Hahaha, such a well prepared salesman! :))

    Anyway, I use the dremel rubber drum with it's small sleeves, and I never bought sandpaper drums, I use thick paper rolled on some thin pvc electrical tubing for the base, titebond wood glue between the paper and the sandpaper. It woorks perfect, and it costs 10% of the original sanding drums.
  6. Jeb

    Jeb Baba Hunter

    Thanks everyone.

    Yeah, I think that's the key: the electrical tubing. A while back I tried making my own drums out of wooden doweling and bolts drilled through. Just glued the cloth-backed paper right on the wood with Titebond.

    wood drum 1.jpg

    wood drum 2.jpg

    It didn't work so well. The wood was too hard I think and caused the piece to bump and bounce against the drum... which then, in turn (pardon the pun), made me, I guess, push harder, which then caused the paper to fail. This was only about half-way through one project.

    worn wood drum.jpg

    Notice the cloth backing is still stuck on the wood (Titebond II rocks!). The paper failed between the sand coating and the cloth, not the cloth and the wood.

    Although I think the problem was caused by the wood drum being too hard, it's not entirely impossible that the drilled hole through the drum wasn't perfectly centred. This could have been a contributing factor.

    I've got some plans to experiment with velcro covered wooden drums and fuzzy backed strips. The idea is that the velcro would be softer and have a cushioning effect. The grit could be easily replaced, like on my disk sander (which I converted to velcro last year and is still working very well). Don't know if it'll work. Might be tough to get the edges flush enough not to snag on the piece you're sanding. We'll see.
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    Hahahaha! Love the dialog! I can relate to every bit since I have very similar responses with the stores here! Welcome to Asia people!

    Great stuff Jeb! It's always interesting to see how we can find ways around blocked roads!
  8. Bone

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    That's a great tip Jeb. That looks to work as good as the ones you buy maybe better and probably cheaper once you get the process down.
  9. bigdh2000

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    You can also use the finer grits if you want...instead of being limited by what is sold.
  10. Jeb

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    Thanks, Pete!

    Yep, so far, at least as good. And waaaay cheaper. The rolls of sanding cloth are 3 inches wide so I can get two sleeves across the width of the cloth with no waste at all.

    However, I found out today that it appears the toilet paper companies have yet to standardise the diametre of their industry's cardboard tubes:


    Hmph. The things you learn.
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    I had a belt sander belt come apart on me and I was able to hold it together with some string reinforced packing tape. This might work for you on the drums since it looks like you have an expanding type drum.
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    I know it's not DIY, but maybe as inspiration... Do you know those? The sanding paper is exchangable...

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  13. Jeb

    Jeb Baba Hunter

    That's a good idea, GunGuy but I did a little experimenting with fibre tape a while back and it didn't hold together well. I think it was a combination of the tape being a bit old (so maybe the adhesive was weak) and not using enough of it (should have wrapped the whole drum with it, not just the join line). Will experiment more in the future, though.



    Those are cool, Sepp. I actually did see those a few days ago, but alas, too late. I had already bought this cheapo Delta set of regular expanding-type drums.

    delta drums.jpg

    Too bad, since that system looks a lot more DIY-friendly!

    I've also been experimenting with my own drums (while waiting for the finish to dry on a trade... will be mailed soon, Sepp!). Just assembled from home centre hardware pieces. The shaft hole on the bit of rubber was a bit big so needed to thicken the bolt with some tape. Also, since it's a regular bolt it's not reverse threaded and came undone often when testing it out. I've since added a second nut to keep the first in places but haven't tried it out yet.

    diy drum.jpg

    It's a bit longer, and a weird non-standard diametre so DIY sleeves are the only way to go. Might try drilling a hole and a slot and see if that pinned glueless system works.
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    some one say DIY
    jeb in my experience whit this drums and dremmel ones i sujest you to use a ruber cilinder krzy gluing just the end and the begining of the sand papaer if its well ajusted you only need to aboy sharpen edges and the sand paper will stay
    also when i was sanding of the paint of a dinner table and chairs only one layer of sand paper whasnt enuff so i go for a more soft paper and make several turns whit an eventual drop of krazy glue paper got dull then it self pills off and the next cape of sand paper rise ( tear must be droped by metacrilate burned) thats all for now
  15. seppman

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    That was the idea, Jeb. Maybe you can use that kind of attachment system when you build your own drums. That pin in the middle seems to be removable. Maybe derAndy can say more about them. As far as I know, he's got a bunch of them...
  16. PimpW

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    A friend of mine made 2 drums using SOFT hockey pucks , threaded ods and a few metal discs for the ends.

    Works well but its about 3.5 inch in dia.

    I like the ones you made, very versatile
  17. Jeb

    Jeb Baba Hunter

    Thanks. Interesting idea. Here's a quick update:

    ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1458192917.183964.jpg

    Only have 125 paper clips so can only make 5 at a time.
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    I made mine for my lathe.

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    Thats grate, definitly going to use that idae soon. To bad that wouldnt work for my PNEUMATIC SANDING DRUMS. The sand paper for that rigs not cheap. I got it because i had to make 12 tiller handles for some boats all at once. Its so awsome works grate on slingshot to. If you are making alot i sugjest geting one.