Decent coping saw?

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    We're total weirdos in Colorado — we don't have proper coping saws. I've been in every hardware store around, and the only thing I've seen is this weird red handled thing that accepts these lame thick die cut "mini hacksaw" blades. They're borderline nonfunctional. I've seen that there are other saws with thinner blades, and didn't know where to get them. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good one on Amazon or something (I can't tell if they are the "mini hacksaw" style blades). Thank you!

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  2. I have absolutely zero knowledge regarding coping saws. Heck, i'm not total sure what a coping saw even is, (I'm guessing hack saw+ thinner) BUT
    I can recommend looking at specialty stores or swap meets both usually have these types of dedicated tools.
    Yep my 02:00 knowledge at it finest.

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