crooked fork, still ok?

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  1. Alt-bringer

    Alt-bringer New Member

    in general, how much effect will crooked forks have
    on a sling-xbow

    specific, while making a slingxbow i accidentally
    permenantly mounted my fork crooked
    its a basic crossman fork but its tilted to the side
    resulting in one side being 6 or 7mm higher than the other

    is this a tollerable problem? or will it cause wild shots?
  2. NamenloserHeld91

    NamenloserHeld91 Senior Member

    picture plz!
    6-7mm are a lot.

  3. Alt-bringer

    Alt-bringer New Member

    ill try to describe in detail

    its a knock off x-bow pistol, with a 23in wood dowel extention
    and a "top rail" of aluminim u channel

    the "tip" is held by a D-bracket? (the thing used for mounting conduit to a wall) bent, screwd and bolted together

    the fork i salvaged from one of these
    i planed on attatching flatbands to the bottom section thats going outwards

    then cause the front end is taken up as far as bolting anything on
    like a dummy i proceeded to use jb weld steelstik to epoxy the fork onto the front

    when looking at the fork in the normal upright position the z axis is fine
    but the fork is rotated counter-clockwise slightly

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  4. Flipgun

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    Yes. It should shoot fine. Someone(Dgui I think? Or PawPaw Sailor?) posted a video with a shooter clamped in a vice and shot extremely left or right of the fork just fine and that was on a horizontal plane. What you describe is just a lil' bit of in-built Gangsta. Don't sweat the small **** and see how it shoots.

    PS I have made some really fancy firewood trying to "Fix" a small detail".
  5. Alt-bringer

    Alt-bringer New Member

    new development, iwas testing the integrity of the steelputty by trying to bend the fork and the putty cracked so i broke it off
    came off clean so alls good
    i couldn't think of how id attach the bands anyway, im not sure how or what kind of method i should use to add bands, i dont think the dowel can handle drilling a hole for to insert a rod, im trying to keep it simple but im drawing a blank

    dont really trust the steelputty now since i broke it bare handed, im fairly weak so im quite sure i dint cause 900# of force to break it

    using phone to post so if this looks messed up thats why
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  6. cbates55

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    I don't know if you solved your issue yet as this was from a few months ago. From what I saw in your one picture you were totally depending on the steelputty to take all of the force of the structural strength which in my understanding is wrong. It should be used to bond the arms to a sound base that can take the force applied to the arms as the bands or any torquing is applied to them. I hope you understand what I mean by this.