5.000.000 Subscriber challenge!

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  1. Grodahn

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    Dear Mr Sprave,

    congratulations for the 1.000.000 subscriber ob your genious channel! I cant wait to see you building and launching the bowlingballslingshot.

    After watching your various videos relating zombies and watching an enormous amount of scientific zombie-documantations from George Romero, Robert Kirkman etc this night i got a thought that frigthens me nearly to death!

    What is even more dangerous as a zombie? Right: even more zombies! What is if i run out of ammo for my trusted rooftop-sliongshot?

    Fortunately, using all my genious i figured out a solution for this problem. But there i only one man on earth being able to invent and prove it: this is you mr sprave!

    The zombie-shooting zombie-shooter (Zombie²Shooter)!

    Think of a shootingdevice large and powerfull enougth to use zombies (or parts of them) to kill zombies! Isnt this beauty in effectiveness? You could oppose ALL kind of threads encountering in a zombie-appocalypse with it: Zombies, raiders, boredom an of corse even more zombies.

    So Mr Sprave i challenge you:
    Can you build a Zombie²Shooter till you reach the 5000000 fans?

    Best regards and congratulations again,

  2. JonS

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    So now he has actually passed the line? Well Joerg, congratulations to you!

  3. bigdh2000

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