The Wrench

The Wrench - Tremoside - seljan-thewrench-001-1463.jpg
The Wrench - Tremoside - seljan-thewrench-002-1464.jpgThe Wrench - Tremoside - seljan-thewrench-003-1465.jpg
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It's from my 3D printed frames so SLS printing was used. PA 6 material. My main goal beside the design overall was to create that tiny pattern
detail at the grip. Without mention too much techy details it basically
started with a CAD (solid) file than a pseudo print output as an STL
which was reimported and recalculated as a reference file to rebuild a
matching polygonal surface onto the nurbs curvature. Then a painted mask
was a guide to sink back the form into the surface. Finally a density
driven polygonal structure to get back a printable file size. Roughly
two months of learning and experimenting.
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