Red Cedar Slingshot

Red Cedar Slingshot - Drew_Bilbrey - img-20131027-71.jpg
Red Cedar Slingshot - Drew_Bilbrey - img-20131027-72.jpg
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October 31, 2013
Drew Bilbrey


This was my first attempt at making a slingshot. Took about a week to get it the way I liked it. I haven't really got all the best tools for this new found hobby yet. When I finished shaping and sanding it, i applied three coats of boiled linseed oil. After that had time to dry, i took it outside selected a few hickory nuts to fire off. With the fourth or fifth shot picked up a nut that should have known was going to be too big, smacked the left fork and snapped it off. Oh well, I had fun making it, and glued the arm back on just to keep and never use again. Can't wait to make many many more! (Just not board cut cedar!)
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November 2, 2013  •  04:58 PM
beautiful colour
and very nice slingy
November 2, 2013  •  05:00 PM
too bad it broke
next time use 9mm multiplex with something nice

but if you can cut it percisely in half (front and back)
you can glue it onto the 9mm multiplex even if it broke off just use this part too
November 2, 2013  •  05:27 PM
Thanks for that tip Lars. I'll have to give multiplex a try. I just finished another boardcut: white oak with red cedar handle. It's much stronger than the first one and lots of fun to shoot. I'll try to get it posted on here in a bit.
December 22, 2013  •  09:24 AM
Also- steel pins are very helpful. On multiplex or board cuts.