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This oak and cedar natural is my first attempt at capping a natural fork. This fork was made for Achso_42 as part of the Global Christmas Trade 2013. I wanted to make a fork that would be strong to hold up to the kind of heavy shooting my trade partner does. He shoots full butterfly, with heavy bands. I knew an oak fork could stand up to that kind of load and I had several I had recently harvested. But I wanted to add something more in terms of color and contrast. Unfortunately I just didn't have much on hand to work with. I found some cedar I had that was the right size, so I decided to take a chance on it.

I made my cuts and sanded as carefully as I could and kept dry-fitting the parts together to see how they looked. When I thought I had a good fit, I epoxy'd the two together. I shaped much of the fork with a rasp and file, then spent considerable time with varying grits of sandpaper to get the shape I wanted. I decided to leave some spots of bark on the fork just because I thought they added a nice contrast to the oak. As I shaped the end cap, I found myself giving the end a rounded shape rather than a flat cut or a point. I'm not sure why, but as I shaped it, the grain lines of the cedar just seemed to lead me that direction. The slingshot was finished with several coats of BLO and wipe-on poly, followed by a buffing with 0000 steel wool. It was banded initially with a single layer of TBG cut for a full butterfly draw.

In the end, I was pretty happy with the finished slingshot. I tried to take some cues from Saderath's style on the forks. The seam between the fork and the cap was not as clean as I had hoped, so I'll be working to improve that process in the future. My hope is that Achso_42 enjoys this slingshot and can get some good use out of it.
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