My first Slingshot Rifle

My first Slingshot Rifle - Peekie30 - img-20170312-2191.jpg
My first Slingshot Rifle - Peekie30 - img-20170312-2192.jpgMy first Slingshot Rifle - Peekie30 - img-20170312-2193.jpg
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February 28, 2017
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Hello everyone!
I Watched most of the Slingshot Channel's videos and decided to make my own slingshot rifle that shoots arrows or balls.
it currently uses old bicycle inner tube rubber for bands, but I'm replacing those with exercise rubber.
The trigger mechanism is based off Jrg's single-part trigger system and the general design is based off an AWP sniper rifle
Its draw length is about 90cm, no idea what kind of force.
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