Mini Hammer in Bamboo

Mini Hammer in Bamboo - Withak - img-93.jpg
Mini Hammer in Bamboo - Withak - img-94.jpgMini Hammer in Bamboo - Withak - img-96.jpgMini Hammer in Bamboo - Withak - img-95.jpgMini Hammer in Bamboo - Withak - img-97.jpg
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August 14, 2013
aka Whitehawk!


My first 'hammer' style slingshot. Cut from an old bamboo cutting board I found at a second hand store. It's a fun little shooter!
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January 13, 2014  •  09:55 PM
Whitehawk you do very nice work. You are one of the many true artist on this forum.
January 14, 2014  •  02:46 PM
Thank you PaulPawx3. I am continually trying to improve my skills and I have a long way to go to match some of the masters here, but I'd like to think I may get there some day.
January 14, 2014  •  09:16 PM
@Withak I know what you mean, when I first started to looking around the forum I was in awe of the quality of work. It makes me have a goal to try and get to the level of the talent that is displayed on this forum. I have been wood carving since around 1999 and have gotten better at it, but it never fails to amaze me of the true craftsmanship that people have. In today's microwave age of hurry up and get it done, people get lost in shuffle and don't have time to stop and make something. That is why I am glad I found this forum, it is encouraging to see that there are still people taking time to try to make something with their own hands. Keep up the good work.
January 14, 2014  •  10:55 PM
@PaulPawx3 - couldn't agree more. It's hard to slow down from time to time, but I find building like this is a great way to do it. I'm no woodworker and have done very little in the past (almost none), but I've learned a lot by watching the folks here - and by asking questions they've been patient enough to answer.
August 29, 2014  •  10:59 PM
Looks great, I love little shooters.