Die Urutu

Die Urutu - Withak - img-3274-1366.jpg
Die Urutu - Withak - img-3293-1367.jpgDie Urutu - Withak - img-3330-1368.jpgDie Urutu - Withak - img-3279-1369.jpgDie Urutu - Withak - img-3291-1370.jpg
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Die Urutu was a build for Lars for the Global Slingshot Trade MKIII 2014. The design is based on the "Urutu" by BrazilViking, scaled down to about 70% which still resulted in a large slingshot.

The core is paper micarta in the colors of the German flag. The wood layers are maple on both sides with a red oak palm swell. Everything was sanded to 600 grit and finished with 5 layers of tung oil.
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