Chocolate and Vanilla

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Chocolate and Vanilla was made as a gift for Will as part of the Global Christmas Trade 2013. I was already paired with another trade partner (Achso_42), and I as I finished the trade slingshot for him, I offered to make one for Will as well. The fork is made from cherry with a fig end cap.

I had started this slingshot a while back, but was having trouble with it because the cherry handle was too short. I figured it needed a cap of some kind to extend the handle, but I'd never tried a cap, so I set it aside for later.

When I made my trade slingshot for Achso, I added a cedar cap to an oak fork and completed my first cap on a slingshot I really liked. I decided to try the process again on this fork. Instead of cedar, I decided to go with a longer piece of fig I had on hand.

The cherry was really hard to work with. It was my first time working with cherry and I found this hard wood to be difficult at best to shape. The fig, in contrast is much easier to work, but kept showing holes and some imperfections as I worked the wood down. I finally had to give up and allow some of the imperfections to remain in order to get it done.

In the end, I finished it with BLO and wipe-on poly with a final buff with some 0000 steel wool. Banded up with TBG, it was on its way to Will
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January 12, 2014  •  09:40 PM
Great job and I like the great photos, very nice back grounds.
January 12, 2014  •  10:40 PM

Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate it.